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George Lombardi has been working in the field of corrections since 1972, plying his master’s degree in psychology to shape a more effective and humane system. His early work at the institution level in Missouri, when there were 3,900 inmates and 15,000 parolees, informed his later leadership as the director of that state’s system of 21 prisons, 33,000 incarcerated offenders, and 60,000 people under community supervision. He also served as a juvenile justice consultant in Washington, DC, and San Francisco.


This rich career has inspired Lombardi to share his message of hope for a future in which fewer people are trapped in the cradle-to-prison pipeline, more offenders are adequately prepared for re-entry into society, and there is a better understanding of how justice is restored.


Any one of the themes in the Lombardi Talks series is appropriate for university level courses, civic groups, community organizations or clubs, advocacy groups or churches.


"George is a national leader in rebuilding our correctional systems. He understands that prisons must be more than vehicles for punishment. They must reform lives. A prison term is an expensive waste of tax dollars if it does not return to society an individual who is able to cope with the everyday problems of life, without returning to crime.

One of the realities of our time is that illegal drug use is a major factor in driving criminal behavior. George worked closely with me to address illegal drug use through drug courts, probation strategies and re-entry programs, all carefully designed to help restore offenders to addiction free and crime free lives".


Retired Chief Justice Missouri Supreme Court

Former Board Chair National Association of Drug Court Professionals



Talks may be tailored for a specific audience. Each is typically 40 to 45 minutes followed by a Q and A.

The program should be scheduled for one hour, but is flexible.


Under Director Lomabrdi’s leadership, the Missouri Department of Corrections established a last-chance training program for rescue dogs deemed unadoptable. The program’s success is widely recognized and replicated

in the U.S. and abroad.



A hopeful manifesto for the future of corrections. Over a 45 year career, George has observed the influence of major legislative agendas, cultural shifts, and economic fluctuations on the correctional system.


The young children of someone who goes to prison are seven times more likely to be incarcerated in the future than other children. George believes passionately that these odds can be reversed.




Hidden from public view, except for the occasional victim impact statement aired on "Dateline", are the criminal justice system’s efforts to work through the process of restoring victims and repairing communities. George talks about what’s happening in restorative justice and why it is important.



"During his 40 years rising to the pinnacle of the corrections business, George Lombardi became an international expert on a myriad of topics. As director of the Missouri Department of Corrections, he led the nation in prison best practice and prison reform. He successfully used "Restorative Justice" as the platform for his uniquely compassionate yet common sense instinct to rehabilitate felons while at the same time promoting community safety. One example of his Restorative Justice programs is "Puppies for Parole" which pairs thrown away shelter dogs with thrown away incarcerated people. The result of this brilliant blend has been breathtaking. To date it has saved more than 5,000 unwanted dogs and saved the hearts of countless numbers of their prison trainers. Puppies for Parole gives a small glance into the creative, courageous and  intelligent man who is an unparalleled leader in the field of Corrections.


Mr. Lombardi is a uniquely dynamic speaker - both humorous and passionate - with a remarkable talent to mesmerize his audience - all the while teaching hope for the redemption of the human soul".



Director, Children's Office, Missouri Department of Mental Health (Retired)

Vice-President, Human/Animal Interaction, COMTREA Comprehensive Health Center (Retired)




What a pleasure to hear about George Lombardi's commitment to restorative justice and making a difference in the lives of prisoners and their families I learned about several programs for prisoners that

I was unaware of. I plan to share the webinar with members of the Children of Incarcerated Parents Interest Forum at the Nat'l Association for Young Children.

(Anonymous participant in Lombardi’s Supporting Young Children with Incarcerated Parents Webinar, March 2017)

"For more than 40 years George Lombardi has proven to be a transformational leader in correctionsmanagement

and policy. He continues to contribute to progressive thinking in corrections".


Circuit Judge and former General Counsel for the Missouri Department of Corrections


"George Lombardi is an internationally recognized innovator in the world of corrections.  He has the ability to illuminate the Big Picture while telling stories about the individuals who work and live behind the walls. He has spent a career dealing with inmates and legislators. (The latter’s importance to the system can hardly be over-stated. They make the laws that determine how long offenders will serve.)

Lombardi is a thoughtful man with a sharp eye and a sense of humor.  He has an important message".


St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist

Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, St. Louis

St. Louis University (Sociology)

Fall 2017 Washington University entering med school students

U.S. Dept. of Education

    National Conference of Early Childhood Educators, Arlington Virginia 2016

    Supporting Young Children with Incarcerated Parents, Webinar 2017

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Association 2015

Early Childhood Organizations

Chambers of Commerce

Rotary Clubs

Church Groups




"George Lombardi started the Puppies for Parole (P4P) program to help make stray dogs in many of Missouri's shelters more adoptable through training.  In the P4P program, dogs are paired with offenders who give them love and attention while teaching them basic commands.  It sounds simple enough, but through this work, over 5000 dogs have been trained since the inception of the program, and for many of them, it's literally saved their lives.

At the same time, through the power of pets, this program has had a profound effect on the offenders who train the dogs, bringing out compassion.  Having seen some of the results firsthand, I'm inspired by how his work has impacted both dogs and people in life-changing ways.  I'm thankful that Mr. Lombardi will have the chance to share some of the stories about the success of this program and other restorative justice programs".



Chief Veterinary Officer,  Royal Canin USA

"Mr. Lombardi is one of the greatest early childhood advocates in the country! When he was the Director of Corrections his restorative justice initiatives were amazing, but I especially appreciated all of the programs in the prisons that helped the inmates become better parents.  Everyone needs to hear about the programs that supported the inmates and the children in their lives".

KATHY R. THORNBURG    Ph.D. Professor Emerita University of Missouri

Watch George speak on

Early Childhood Education

2016 presentation requested by the

Rolla Public School Board of Education


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